what is the ingredient in bath salts that get you high

15. prosince 2011 v 11:51

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don't take my word for it (not a chemist), but as swim is a frequenter of research chemicals, they think it's mdpv that is very low quality. - 90% sure

Bath salts Dont get you high, but a product Called Ivory Wave which was sold as bath salts (Much like how mephedrone was sold as plant food) contained MDPV and other .
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Can I use Epsom salt bath for stress if I have high BP? Also what is common name for Celery and where can I get as these are good for BP? regards, , Ask your Personal .
WIS News 10 - Columbia, South Carolina |The ingredients in Bath Salts and K2 spice revealed
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What is the ingredients in fizz bath salts revitalize that get you high? what what is the ingredient in bath salts that get you high is the ingredient in bath salts that get you high ChaCha Answer: There is multiple ingredients in fizz bath sa.
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